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Whether you wound up here through a determined search or the result of sheer happenstance, it seems you’ve found the right place. And now that our paths have irreversibly crossed, it’s time for introductions. I’ll go first.

Let’s begin with the element of my persona you’re undoubtedly pondering most. My carpentry skills. I’m kidding, of course. You want to know how I look, don’t you? I’m happy to share.

Accurate self-description is always tricky, but let’s give it a try:

Remember that adorable creature you always pictured during those bawdy farmer’s daughters jokes? Fresh-faced and sweet, but with eyes that dance with a mischievous gleam? Congratulations, you’ve found her. Having been born and raised in the country, I suppose it only makes sense that I would retain my wholesome, rural looks – even as my career path has taken me far from the woodlands of my youth.

My dark, almond shaped come-hither eyes are framed by slender curved brows and soft cheeks. I’d describe my lips as locked in a pout, courting danger with a playful, outward push. Porcelain complexion aside, my facial features could be best described as Mediterranean. Full and round as opposed to sharp and angular. When I smile, which is often, my well formed and even white teeth brighten up my whole face.

As for my other features, I’d guess my ample, natural set will be what captures your eye first. It’s a tough call as tastes vary, and my voluptuous frame offers much to admire. But there’s something about a voluminous set of mummeries that dominates the landscape.

Topping off my voluptuous frame is my exceptionally soft and healthy virgin dark hair, is often left down falling past my bosom and framing my oval face in a way that highlights my warm eyes. 

Now to the prize beneath the package – my personality.

Friendly is an overused word these days, but it’s the best one to describe my temperament. My sincere concern for the well-being of those around me and of all other living things is clear. I have no constructed persona, no superficial charm. You'll meet the amorous, alluring and most importantly, genuine woman you envisioned. Credit my country upbringing for my charming personality if you must.

A few fun facts:

- I'm a hopeless animal lover. Fur, feathers, scales or skin - I adore them all. The road to my heart is paved with paw prints 🐾

- Currently my favourite movies are Barbarella (1968), Leprechaun, and Jurassic Park  (1993).

-On weekend I can often be found curled up with a good book, frolicking in a body of water, or under the stars enjoying the warmth of a bonfire.

You might be pleased to learn there are many sides to my chosen vocation I truly enjoy – namely getting to meet wonderful people and savour a broad range of experiences that might have been otherwise impossible. Perhaps using the myriad ways our senses can be stimulated, we will soon be creating our own experiences...

At a glance...

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