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I look forward to a mutually fun and memorable time together.

Here's a few tips to make sure that happens.

When visiting me

-Please, keep conversation quiet and to a minimum upon entering/exiting my place and when next to the door.

-Please never arrive early. If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, I kindly ask that you do not linger in proximity.


​-To prevent unwarranted video/audio/photo recording, please stow away personal belongings (watches, glasses, cell phones, pens, lighters, ect.) You will find a small black box on the boudoir door to personal items in, or leave them outside of the bedroom. 


-I’m a big believer in keeping things unrushed and casual, but try to understand that there’s only so much flexibility in my schedule, and getting too casual can be a problem. Lingering may be fun, but it can make things awkward for both of us if I have to ask you to take off.

-If you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible. While I will try my best to delay our scheduled time, kindly understand that if I have prior obligations following our tryst it may affect our time together.


If I'm visiting you

-I’ve talked before the policy of not recording our fun time. Along those lines, in the bedroom I ask you to stow away anything that could be used as a recording device – cell phone, alarm clock, watches, key fobs, glasses etc. and turn off smart TV's and cover computer monitors/close laptops. Save the awkward moment of me having to stow these things away myself if you did not do so before my arrival. 

-I am highly, highly religious. I require a framed photo of Raptor Jesus beside the bed, so that we can consummate our love in his honor.

-If your hotel room looks like a murder scene from the 70's with mysterious stains on the carpet and peeling wallpaper, it's not going to happen.



When leaving a review, please feel free to share: professionalism, punctuality, appearance, overall experience and enjoyment from the date – but the more intimate details of our time together are better left to the imagination.

Let's keep it tasteful and refrain from including 'acronyms' and details along that vein.


While in each other's marvelous company

-Romantic friendships with clients can be fun, but it doesn’t take much for privacy to become an issue – for either of us. The best way to prevent any worries of this nature is to avoid prying for info in my personal life that could be ‘sensitive'. When it doubt, put yourself in my shoes. If you wouldn’t be comfortable answering that question, don’t ask it.


-Behavior that is disrespectful or rude will bring our session to an immediate end without refund. Questionable health/hygiene follows the same policy.

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