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  • Do you see -x- demographic?
    I maintain strong non-discriminatory values and welcome clients of any ethnicity, age (21+), gender, orientation, size, physical attributes, ability/experience, disability or religion. With that in mind, I am selective in my clientele’s character, which largely contributes to my genuine enjoyment of my chosen vocation. I only meet gentlemen that demonstrate kindness and respect, allowing us to build a connection and have a mutually enjoyable experience!
  • What is your general availability?
    I am a part-time provider so my availability varies from week to week. It's best to contact me in advance to arrange a rendezvous that corresponds with both our schedules - otherwise you may be sad. Granted, I understand devising such debauchery in advance is not always possible so you can try your luck at contacting me same day.​ With notice I can usually be persuaded to rise a littler earlier or extend my bedtime for some late night shenanigans. ​
  • Are you able to come to my hotel/private residence?
    You bet! I’m happy to come visit you. A travel fee may apply. Discretion is paramount, when visiting you I conduct myself in a manner that is low-key and dress stunning - yet appropriately so that I blend in seamlessly. Please feel free to communicate anything unique to your situation/location that can provide further discretion (i.e. parking instructions, coming in through a side entrance, ect.)
  • What is your 15 minute rate?
  • Why have you chosen this profession?
    Have a seat and kick back. This gets a little complicated. Let’s first understand that my unusual career choice was neither an off-the-cuff stroll through the dark side of life nor a desperate move by an out-of-options trauma survivor. In fact, I spent years trying to wedge myself into a more conventional career, life and relationship. It took a while, but in time, I figured it out I wasn’t a good fit for that life. Restless and bored I craved more from life than the daily grind of a 9-5 job could offer. The world I came to embrace was a pretty wild shift from the norm and I have no regrets about embracing it. I meet a dazzling array of people and had the kinds of experiences that have added much to my life. The path I’ve chosen to take is radically different than one that would have landed me in the day-to-day clock-punching world – and that is precisely why I chose it. My daily life is rich with the kind of deep connection and romantic splendour I wouldn’t be able to find as a bank manager or driving instructor. At its most rewarding my profession is full of healing, soothing, warmth and very sincere sweetness. I truly wish good luck to anybody hoping to find all of that in the nine-to-five world. I sure couldn’t.
  • Where are you based? Where do you host?
    I am based in Calgary and host from a private, discreet location about 8 minutes SW of downtown.
  • Why have you not responded to my message?
    If your initial approach of contact is vulgar, rude or features nothing more than something like ‘You free?” Chances are I won’t feel motivated to respond. I make every effort to be polite and respectful in my communications with people and expect the same of you. Of course, it may be that I couldn’t respond because you didn’t provide the requested booking info. Hey, nobody’s perfect. I get it. Just make sure you included that info before you send me an angry email asking why you haven’t heard back. Having said all that, there’s a chance that even the occasional serious and respectful inquiry may have simply slipped through my net. If it’s been twenty-four hours and I haven’t gotten back (or stated then I’m away or unavailable) please give feel free to try me again. The internet’s a pretty big place and a lot can get lost under its couch cushions.
  • Do you see couples?
    Absolutely! I am naturally bisexual and LOVE spending time with experienced or first-time couples. You can read more about my couples experience here
  • Can I film our time together/take pictures?
    Definitely not. Any attempts to record our time together, whether discovered immediately or in the future, I will involve law-enforcement and press charges - enjoy being on the sex offenders list!
  • Can we meet "off the clock"/hang out?"
    While I often have fantastic chemistry with the gentlemen I meet and enjoy our time together, I've found it vital to keep a level of professionalism for a healthy, uncomplicated relationship. Therefore, I do not meet outside of scheduled, compensated sessions. I do have excellent social date packages if you are looking for a little social lubricant! Along that note, as much as I would like to keep in touch by email/text between visits I am one of the rare millenials who does not enjoy the digital era and prefers face-to-face connections. Can I have my rotary phone back please?
  • What if we’re having so much fun that I'd like to extend our time together?
    If I don’t have any prior commitments, I will likely be thrilled to keep a good connection going and extend our rendezvous. Naturally, extended dates must be compensated accordingly before we continue enjoying each other.
  • Can you provide a reference?
    Given that our time together went smoothly and you have seen me within the past year, I will gladly serve as your reference for another lady. I’ll limit the shared information to the bare essentials: your reliability, your adherence to etiquette, your level of respect and the number of encounters we’ve shared. Please let me know in advance if you intend to use me as a reference. Along that vein, if I am contacted about you without notice, for your discretion I will not disclose any information.
  • Are you independent?
    I’m a one-woman operation. I conduct all the communications, bookings, screenings by myself, without aid from an agency or assistant. For you that means, you’ll be dealing with me and me alone at all times.
  • Do you see ladies one-on-one?
    Beyond a shadow of a doubt I do! The softness of two female bodies intertwined, the instinctive touch of each other - just a couple reasons why I relish Sapphic encounters. You can relax in my company knowing that I'm naturally bisexual and believe the natural elegance and feminism of a woman shrouds any self perceived imperfections.
  • In terms of endearment, what can I refer to you as?"
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