$260 - Hour

$360 - Hour & a half

$460 - Two hours

$660 - Three hours

$800 - Four hours

$1050 - Six hours

$1800 - Overnight (12 hours)

$2600 - 24 hours

+$1200 - Additional 24 hours 


Life happens, and I understand that occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances you may not be able to keep our appointment. Kindly keep in mind that I do have a cancellation policy.


Let's get all gleesome with a threesome!

Ménage à Trois

You and me plus she equals three...

Have one of my stunning girlfriends join us 

Inquire within

Social date honorarium

Hungry for a sophisticated night on the town with a charming companion? Or maybe a partner in crime for something more casual? I think a social date may quench your thirst.

$120 per hr

Fly me to you

Don't let distance hold us back from making memories


The world is our oyster! I'm passport ready and available for national or international travel with familiar gentlemen. Inquire within. Due to covid-19 I am currently unavailable for international travel. 

Please note...

My fees are non-negotiable and should be made available at the beginning of our rendezvous. Any attempts to barter will result in permanent cock-blocking. 

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